dd Bubble Wrap® has been a source of fascination for people of all ages since its invention. Here is an environmentally friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with it all along: POP IT!
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Method and Style

  • Single-pop #1 - using thumb and index finger to squeeze individual bubbles.
  • Single-pop #2 - using thumb and index finger and a "rolling" motion to squeeze the bubble to the side.
  • Single-pop #3 - using any finger or object to smash a bubble against a surface such as a table.
  • Multi-pop #1 - using less precision and popping many bubbles at once with fingers.
  • Multi-pop #2 - crushing handfuls of bubbles in the fist.
  • Multi-pop #3 - rolling and then "wringing" a sheet of Bubble Wrap.
  • Multi-pop #4 - smashing (with fist or other object) many bubbles against a surface
  • Foot-Method - walking on, trampling, or stomping on the bubbles.
  • Creative - any novel means of popping the bubbles, such as rolling in somersaults over them.

Suggestions from our readers:

  • We enlivened our friends' parties with bubble wrap on the kitchen floor and a pogo stick. You can only pop the bubbles for as long as you stay on the pogo stick.
    - the Plant family, London, UK

  • How could you leave out what I think is the most gratifying way to pop bubble wrap? You put the bubble wrap on a hard surface and use your ELBOW to make concentric circles. The result is akin to machine-gun fire. Please add this method to your list, and try it soon. You'll see what I mean.
    - Dan in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Just wanted to tell you that there is another way to pop bubble-wrap. A common way in some Scandinavian countries seem to be to lay the bubble-wrap down on the floor and they brutally run over with your chair. An excellent way to pop-a-lot!
    - Henrik Öquist

  • You did not mention my favorite cool and satisfying bubble popping technique: Drop your jaw down low, purse your lips as to form the letter "o." Now, hold the bubble right at the entrance of your mouth to pop, and create (and feel) a cool resonating sound.
    - Joe Szewczak, Ph.D.

  • Personally, I like to roll up a bit of Bubble Wrap and put it behind car tires. When they back out of their space all the bubbles pop at once and make a pretty impressive noise, especially in large garages!
    - Richard

  • There's another method that your site has failed to mention. The French Pop. It's not what you're thinking... (sicko) A.K.A. the Italian Pop, this method begins with placing the bubble wrap on the floor, rugs don't work. You then proceed to remove your shoes and socks and stomp on the bubbles just like the French and Italians do when smashing grapes to make wine! You've gotta love this one!
    - Derek Richardson

  • Bubble Wrap Gunfight: Place two pieces of "large bubble" bubble-wrap on the floor. Two gunfighters can then draw their finger guns while they dig their heels into the wrap.
    - the Hackenberg family

  • If you want to FREAK people out, get a square of bubble wrap that can be rolled up and concealed in your hand. (The BIG bubbles work best) Pretend to pop your neck while crushing the bubbles. It works GREAT! Also works for backs, knees, etc. but the neck gets the biggest reactions.
    - Mike, Louisville, KY

  • I recently found a new way of popping bubble wrap, as a derrivetive of Joe Szewczak's hollow-mouth method... it works best with small bubbles, as you get more bubbles per square inch of wrap. simply roll up a snall sheet, and pop the lot in your mouth... then just chew it on your molars (incisors don't work.... they seem to miss the bubbles 90% of the time). Using this method, you get a vast, although fairly uncontrollable, variety of sounds, including Joe Szewczak's resonating sound, aswell as sharp sounds that seem to pop into air pockets between teeth and cheeks. Important things to consdier: first of all, make sure your Bubble Wrap is clean and germ-free, for your health. Secondly, it's advisable to get a seperate sheet for each person participating, as lots of nasty drool will inevitibly be delivered all over a used sheet.
    -Mo Cassidy, Dublin Ireland

  • My personal favorite way of popping bubble wrap is to place a sheet under the rug at my front door, and wait until my dad comes home from work and steps on the rug, making a nice, satisfying noise and always scaring him half to death. =)
    - Katy, Florida

  • Makes a great burglar alarm,just tape some to the floor inside a darkened room and wait for the fun to begin !!!!
    - John, Virginia Beach , VA

  • Since I am disabled and can't realy pop a lot of bubbles at once... I just put a huge sheet of that heavenly stuff (bubble wrap, yea?) and start driving my wheel chair in circles on it!!! :)
    I read someone saying his sounded like a machine gun? well mine sounds even better :) ahhh the sweet sound of bubble wrap fire crackling :)
    - Eilon & his wheelchair from Israel (both of us) :)

  • Being a scuba diver, I felt obligated to tell you about the scuba-style way to pop bubble wrap--underwater of course. It may be a little difficult to regulate your buoyancy at first carrying a big sheet of bubble paper, but it is well worth the effort when you get to see each bubble you pop escape in a mad free ascent to the surface!
    - Graham Shea, California

  • In the old days when there was an electric typewriter in the office, I took a sheet of the small bubble wrap and put it through, as you would a sheet of paper. I hit the advance button to continue rolling the sheet. Admittedly, it jammed after awhile and had to be coaxed out, but it was a wonderful waste of time!
    - M, Renton, WA
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